I’ve written before about receiving money into your Mainland China bank account. But this time I’ve got to write something about sending out money from China to another country.

It’s my second posting in China. I owed my sister, who lives in Singapore, some money since I borrowed when the condominium I was planning to live in or rent out on my return to China was not finished by Avida (over two years delayed, yey).

Knowing the banking procedures here can be a bit long, I suggested using Western Union instead.

“Nah,” my sister decided “just send it by T/T.” T/T or Telegraphic Transfer, also known as a Wire Transfer.

Well, I owed her so I said yes.

I always remember reading something that centuries ago, the Dutch beat the Spanish since the Dutch monarchy always paid their debts on time and in full.

I must have broken a record somehow. From October 13 to 15, 2021 at CITIC bank, three trips to the bank, each taking between three to four hours, three phone calls I had to answer so that they could tell me when to come back, one handwritten explanation why I was sending money to my sister.

When you hear banking in Mainland China can be complicated, this could be a good example.

Back at home, the last time I did a T/T in the Philippines, I remember I just had to fill out a form or two.

This time the T/T was a crying emoji. (Imagine the “T”‘s with the horizontal lines eyes and the vertical lines tears, see it now?)

Okay, next time, we do Western Union I told her.

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