In the month of September 2021 I finished Wes Bos’s JavaScript 30.

I did it from September 1 to September 30, 2021, true to the spirit of it being a 30 day coding challenge.

Okay… I ain’t no robot.

There were some days I was too dog tired from my full-time job as a diplomat.

But there were other days I did two.

So what was the course about?

It’s 30 bite-sized coding projects. Each project is meant to be finished in a day.

The project uses pure JavaScript or should I say “Vanilla JavaScript”.

What’s Vanilla JavaScript? It’s JavaScript without frameworks or libraries. (Just think of JavaScript or JS frameworks or libraries as a bunch of JavaScript someone else has written, so you don’t have to write it, for example React or Angular).

Get it?

Vanilla. Like no special flavor.

JavaScript, as you might know, is one of the 3 languages that all web browsers (like Google Chrome) use, together with HTML and CSS.

So pretty much it’s a good course to learn since JavaScript never goes out of style.

I guess the best thing that describes the course is the courses catch phrase “Build 30 things in 30 days.”

Yeah you’ll build all sorts of sticky navigation bars, countdown clocks, a HTML5 video player, and other neat stuff.

I find it awesome and cool that there are two “Array Cardio” lessons, which are basically lots of exercise working on arrays.

There’s one lesson which you’ll only be able to do fully with a Mac (Geolocation-based Speedometer and Compass) but other than that one thing (which you can just watch an enjoy even if you don’t have a mac), everything can be done without either Mac or PC. (and I guess Linux too for you Linux-alien-weirdos out there.)

Where am I coming from?

Well. I’ve done a number of JavaScript courses online, such as the ones you find on linked in a and the such. I’ve been learning Web Dev for a few years now.

I just about finished Harvard’s CS50, (the world’s most popular Computer Science course… literally!) which focused on the underlying concepts of Computer Science and programming, meanwhile, this was all awesome technique and building stuff. By the way, CS50 is a free, online course.

What do I think of the course?

The course is a must-do for anyone who wants to upgrade their JavaScript.

It’s definitely not a beginners course, but you don’t have to be an expert either.

As long as you’ve done you JavaScript basic course you’ll be able to benefit tremendously from it.

My learning strategy?

I’d watch the entire video for fun in its entirety.

Then, after that first watch, I’d do it again this time coding along.

My Conclusion

There is no better way of learning that doing. By giving you 30 bite-sized chunks is awesome way of getting a sense of accomplishment.

After 30 days, you’ll be so much more familiar with JavaScript and all the awesome stuff that you can do with it.

You would have typed document.querySelector and document.addEventListener so many times and seen it applied in so many use cases.

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